Open tour of Esch 2022 culture events and Christmas markets – Dec.10

This Saturday (Dec. 10) I will go to see the Esch 2022 events and Christmas markets in Esch and Dudelange.

Plan at 14h15 in Esch train station entrance hall
Exposition 1. Les immigrants à Esch
2. La crèche de Noël en Europe
3. Trésors religieux de nos communautés

Esch Christmas market
take bus No. 4 to Dudelange
walk in the Italian district and Christmas market

If you are interested in this free event, please come to the meeting point of Esch station at 14h15 Dec. 10 Saturday (Punctuality)

I will take a bus to Bettembourg at 13h34 in the Luxembourg Cntral station and take a train to Esch at 14h03
in the Bettembourg station. There is no direct train from Luxembourg this weekend.

This weekend there also is a open day of Church including Mosque in Esch.
PORTE Ouverte: Animations du week-end Edifices religieux ouverts pour visites